FIRST LOOK at Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad

There's been plenty of speculation about Oscar winner Jared Leto's take on the iconic Batman villain The Joker and now the first official image of the star's version of the character has been revealed.

'Suicide Squad' director David Ayer leaked the image on his Twitter account on the 75th anniversary of the character's first comic book appearance. Yep, the Joker has been around since April 1940 but his appearance has definitely changed with the times.

Leto's take on the character (which has previously had his shoes filled by Jack Nicholson and an Oscar winning turn from Heath Ledger) is dedicedly punk with a hint of 1990s hard rock ala The Prodigy.

He comes complete with a "damaged" tattoo on his forehead and is covered in "ha ha ha" lettering on his chest and arms alongside more body art.

The look of the 'Dallas Buyers Club' star has drawn polarising criticism, but then again the same thing happened in response to Christopher Nolan casting Heath Ledger.

Truly judge for yourself when 'Suicide Squad' arrives on August 5, 2016.

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