First look: Freeman, Douglas, De Niro and Kline assemble for 'Last Vegas' promo pic

With 'The Hangover' proving to be an unexpectedly rich ground for box office and critical success, it was only a matter of time before a twist on the formula presented itself.

Assembling a cast that hold a combined 6 Oscars and 14 nominations as well as - as the official release from the studio boasts - "accumulating over an estimated $16.6 billion at the worldwide box office", the film sees a quartet of stellar stars front the project: Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline. Check out the first promo pic below!

The plot sees four old timers host a bachelor party in Vegas for the one who never settled down (Douglas). We are guessing that De Niro plays the classy stick in the mud while Freeman and Kline are the wildcards (judging by their clothing choices at least).

'Last Vegas' is penned by Adam Brooks (who wrote the vastly underrated Kevin Kline romcom 'French Kiss') and Disney/Pixar fave Dan Fogelman ('Tangled', 'Bolt', 'Cars')

Jon 'Cool Runnings' Turteltaub is in the director's chair for a 20th December 2013 release.

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