Watch the hilarious Anne Hathaway 'Les Mis' spoof viral video here!

With Anne Hathaway winning nearly every award going for her amazing work in 'Les Miserables', she hardly needs to campaign.

But that hasn't stopped her fans from doing it for her, with the help of a hilarious video that spoofs her big musical number in 'Les Mis'.

Emma Fitzpatrick, 27, an actress and singer with the pop band The Mots Nouveax, gives an uncanny performance as Anne Hathaway, showcasing her own incredible live recorded vocals in the video entitled 'For Your Consideration' which since its launch on YouTube in late January has gone viral.

The timing is deliberate to ridicule the extreme lengths some stars and studios go to in order to secure Oscar nominations and wins.

According to USA Today, the budget for the video was $100.

Student director Alberto Belli, 28, helmed the project and co-wrote the spoof lyrics with Robert Hill. Check it out below:

Watch the theatrical trailer and a featurette on the live singing challenges for 'Les Miserables' HERE

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