Win a PRESSURE poster signed by the film's star Danny Huston!

To celebrate the release of this summer’s deep sea thriller, PRESSURE, we are offering you the chance to an exclusive poster of the film, signed by Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Clash of the Titans & The Aviator)! Just enter our free competition right here!

Four deep sea saturation divers become stranded 650ft below the surface of the Indian Ocean after disaster strikes their ship. With the air in their bodies compressed to withstand the depth, surfacing too fast without decompressing is unthinkable and will lead to almost certain death.

With their diving bell damaged, rescue uncertain and oxygen depleting, they are forced to work together to fight for their survival.

PRESSURE is in Empire cinemas 21st August, Available to download from 24th August & on DVD 31st August

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