The Family Stone

Directors: Thomas Bezucha

Actors: Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Dermot Mulroney, Craig T. Nelson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Tyrone Giordano, Brian J. White, Elizabeth Reaser, Paul Schneider, Savannah Stehlin, Jamie Kaler, Carol Locatell, Ginna Carter

Running Time: 103mins

Consumer Advice: Contains mild bad langauge, sex references and drug references

THE FAMILY STONE is a comic story about the annual holiday gathering of a New England family, the Stones. The eldest son brings his girlfriend home to meet his parents, brothers and sisters. The bohemian Stones greet their visitor – a high-powered, controlling New Yorker – with a mix of awkwardness, confusion and hostility. Before the holiday is over, relationships will unravel while new ones are formed, secrets will be revealed, and the family Stone will come together through its extraordinary capacity for love.

Sybil Stone (DIANE KEATON) is the strong-willed matriarch who is at the heart of the Stone family, an outspoken woman who wants only the best for her five children. Strikingly beautiful, her face now reflects a recent note of brittleness or fatigue, suggesting that perhaps Sybil carries a secret.

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The Stone family unites in common cause when their favourite son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the Christmas holiday, with plans of proposing. Overwhelmed by the hostile reception, she begs her sister to join her for emotional support, triggering further complications.<br><br> “Hysterically funny” – Chicago Sun-Times<br> “Irresistible” – Rolling Stone<br> “Simply wonderful. This is what I go to the movies for: a warm, funny, heartfelt story” – Entertainment Tonight<br>

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