The Mighty Celt

Directors: Pearse Elliott

Actors: Gillian Anderson, Robert Carlyle, Sean McGinley, Tyrone McKenna, Ken Stott

Running Time: 82mins

Consumer Advice: Contains strong language

The Mighty Celt is a gutsy story about a 14 year old boy who adopts an awkward greyhound his boss has no time for.

Donal (Tyrone McKenna) lives with his single mother Kate (Gillian Anderson) in Belfast. To help make ends meet, he works long hours after school for the local dog trainer, Good Joe (Ken Stott) who is anything but. It becomes obvious that Donal has a very special way with dogs, and while Good Joe is not a man to keep his word, he strikes a deal with Donal that he can't refuse. Entering into the underground world of dog racing, he offers Donal the 'Mighty Celt' if the greyhound can win three races in a row.

Meanwhile, life at home becomes more interesting when O (Robert Carlyle), an enigmatic figure from the past, reappears on the scene. O and Donal develop a friendship however Good Joe is deeply suspicious and Kate is weary of letting him back into her life. A dramatic revelation is soon made, and Donal is forced to learn the harsh realities of life.

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