The Warrior's Way

Directors: Sngmoo Lee

Actors: Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Geoffrey Rush

Running Time: 100mins

Consumer Advice: Contains frequent strong bloody violence

After a lifetime of training in martial arts and swordsmanship, Yang (Jang Dong Gun) has eliminated all but one of his clan’s enemies—an infant whose smile instantly melts his heart. Unwilling to kill her and unable protect her from his own deadly tribe, Yang takes the baby girl and flees, planning to seek refuge with an old friend living in the American West. He arrives in a once-thriving, now forgotten carnival town, where he encounters Lynne (Kate Bosworth) a fiery knife-thrower, whose playful charm warms his battle-numbed heart.

Obsessed with revenge against The Colonel (Danny Huston), who killed her family, Lynne urges Yang to teach her the art of the sword. Ron (Geoffrey Rush), with a wisdom that belies his status as the town drunk, warns Yang to keep moving. But when his new friends are threatened by the vicious Hell Riders, Yang is forced to unsheathe his sword, knowing that the ring of its blade will reveal his location. The ensuing battle rises to an epic crescendo with the arrival of Yang’s terrifying foes from the East.

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